Principles of Management

Our Vision:

We shall establish ourselves as your “trusted partner in diagnostic imaging solutions”, so that working together we shall enhance the capability of the country’s healthcare professionals to provide effective disease prevention and cure as well as humane patient care.

Our Mission:

Our corporate vision will continue to lead us and we fully commit ourselves to doing and achieving the following:

  • To provide our partners with quality and cost-effective diagnostic imaging solutions.
  • To motivate our employees to strive for excellence and achieve their full potential.
  • To contribute to the nation’s efforts to attain a better quality of life for every Filipino.
  • To provide our shareholders a fair return of their investments.

Our Values:

In the pursuit of our business goals, we shall act at all times with total adherence to our core values of:

  • Integrity : Live by the principles of HONESTY, TRUTH, HONOR and PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS of the company.
  • Commitment: TOTAL dedication to work and LOYALTY to the company
  • Innovation : Continually to be IMAGINATIVE and CREATIVE in work
  • Teamwork : COOPERATE with others to achieve company objectives
  • Excellence : BEST EFFORT in going beyond what is expected.

We shape our culture based on the stated values, keeping to be a high performance organization…the reason why we raise the bar competence.

Our Quest:

Our pursuit for excellence extends to the sincere commitment of our people to our work protocol of providing total customer satisfaction through exceptional service.

One of our goals as a nation is to provide quality healthcare to every citizen. To this end, we shall continue to provide the healthcare service providers in the country with the best of the leading-edge technology diagnostic imaging solutions, so that the advances in technology and medical science can be mustered to building a progressive country and a healthier citizenry.

We bridge technology to quality healthcare…..