Powervision 8000

Toshiba's top of the line Ultrasound system has a high channel count of 512 and a dynamic range of 175 db, and a digital continuos beamformer which contributes to excellent spatial and wholebody contact resolution to be able to do advance clinical applications.

Fusion 3D

Fusion 3D makes it possible to use reconstructed data for volume imaging, multiplanar reslicing, volume rendering and surface rendering, after real time 3D acquisition.

Flash Echo Imaging

Intermittent transmission allows the region of interest to be refilled with constrast agent completely before the next flash starts. This way, optimal enhancement of tissue perfusion can be achieved.

Integrated Stress Echo

An elaborate stress echo system which features very simple "one keystroke acquisition".

Just Vision 400

Toshiba's Black and White wholebody ultrasound gives unprecedented images through the following advanced features:

Triple frequency transducers

Guarantee high resolution at every depth of scanning.

Auto Focus Function

The image stays sharp even when the display area shifts or when the magnification ratio changes.

Processing control adjusts image quality

Light parameters of image quality including soft images suitable for observation of parenchymatous views and sharp contact - directed images suitable for measurement, can be obtained by operating a single controller.


Images can be filed in an image filing unit which can store up to 60 images, and can be sent via internet.

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